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#507 Stencil is a hand cut stencil that has a green rubber backing with rubber adhesive and dark green polyethylene film high release liner. Available in 12 1/4", 18 1/2", 24 1/2" and 30" widths.




#510 Stencil is a single liner, low to medium tack stencil used best on stone and pre-painted or soft wood surfaces. Made specifically for hand and die-cutting. Available in 12 3/4", 15", 18 3/4", 21", 25" and 30" widths.




#519Y; #519YS; #519YT Stencils are tan and used for die-cutting stencil press, computer or hand cutting. The double liner helps prevent letters/designs from distortion when transferring stencil. The light tan color helps provide an excellent contrast and the more natural rubber provides an improved blast resistance.

The #519 YT available in 15", 18 3/4", 21", 25" and 30" widths.

The #519YS is available in both 15" and 30" widths. The 30" is available in 20 yard rolls. Only available in YELLOW liner.




#520 Stencil is ideal for hand and die-cutting, this stencil features a gray rubber adhesive with an easy release clear film liner that can be reversed for die-cutting. This medium tack adhesive is roughly 25% more aggressive than the #510 family. Available in 10 1/2", 12 1/2", 15", 18 3/4", 21", 25" and 30" widths.




#520ETL & #520HLR stencils are the same as #520, but designed specifically for Gerber Computer Plotters. Additionally, the ETL contains an extra thick 4mm liner that offers added security and rigidity against plotter cut-through, making it ideal for protecting granite, marble, or wood during sandblasting. The HLR contains a 2mm liner that saves money on the product while still offering a high quality controlled released liner, particularly for non-lifting computer cutting.




#1532, #1532S, #1532T stencils are a newly developed medium/high tack and multipurpose. This stencil is excellent when used on stones, bricks, soft woods and carvings on glass; additionally, it provides outstanding small letter quality at a greater adhesion. Available in 15", 25 and 30" widths.




#2 Stencil Filler is a light beige rubber based coating used to fill low areas and help increase the adhesion of 3M Sandblast Stencils to stone monument surfaces during the sandblasting process. Typically used on smooth or polished surfaces. Available in gallons or quarts.




#3 Stencil Filler is a light beige rubber coating which can be used on axed or frosted stone surfaces when increased adhesion of 3M Sandblast Stencils is desired. Available in gallons.



Cleaner-Cut Stencils, Cleaner-Cut Stone


Easy Cutting. Tough Protection. Unless your stencil meets both requirements, the end result probably won't meet your standards. We've engineered 3M Sandblast Stencil Products to perform with precision for stencil cutting and sandblasting alike. Our broad stencil line is ideally suited to the rigorous demands of today's computer plotters as well as the traditional needs of hand and die cutting.


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