Johnson Granite Supply

"Preserving Memories"




Price Asphalt, Tar & Grease Remover is a product excellent for cleaning tar, asphalt, grease and oil stains. Recommended for brick, stone and concrete.











Easy-Kleen is a multipurpose citrus remover that's effective on filler, oil, grease or crayon marks. Biodegradable and non-carcinogenic.












JGS Crystal Monument Cleaner is for professionally cleaning otherwise hard to remove stains. These crystals are mixed with water and are to be used with a scrub brush and protective gloves. Available in a 10 lb. bucket.









Price Poultice Powder is a specially formulated poultice for removing heavily embedded grease, oil and dirt stains in masonry concrete, stone, marble and stucco surfaces.







Scrub Brushes are easy to grip wood handled brushes contain White Tampico bristles along with rubber gloves and goggles, are highly recommended to be used with most cleaning products.





Memorial Cleaning Tip:

Be sure to completely wet the stone with water prior to applying cleaner. Always keep the stone wet with cleaner to avoid drying or possible "burning" of the polish.